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    LOCATION: Arcata Theatre Lounge
    DATE: Saturday, 11/02/2013
    TIME: 9:30 pm
    TICKETS: $15 Limited Advanced :: $20 Advanced

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Minnesota – G Jones – Hypha

::Arcata Theatre::


MNspace Christian Bauhofer, known by his fans as his party crushing alter ego Minnesota, is a producer and DJ heralding from Santa Cruz, CA that has been lighting up venues across the country with his frantic energy and pounding bass. At 23 years old, Minnesota has recently spent his time touring with acts such as Big Gigantic while artists like Bassnectar and PANTyRAID have been incorporating his tracks into their sets. “Quickly becoming a staple in my sets,” commented Bassnectar when discussing the use of Minnesota’s track “Push It”. “Perfect for when I need a track that is epic and churning but also melodically hyped.” Minnesota’s goal seems simple; to release diverse productions that can win over any crowd. The support of his management team, agency, and some of the world’s greatest artists can only attribute to his hunger for more time spent on the road and in the studio. To those that haven’t had the opportunity to see Minnesota perform, just wait until his tour rolls out this summer. To put it lightly, Minnesota is a name to watch. For Minnesota, the future is bright as he spends his time producing new tracks and finds himself playing more events than ever. If you haven’t heard about him until now, know that Minnesota is a name to watch.

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G Jones Logo 1

Weaving bubbling beats and spacey melodies seamlessly into layers of ass- shaking low end, Santa Cruz producer, Greg Jones aka G Jones is rapidly rising through the ranks of the electronic music world. G Jones has taken audiences from all over the west coast on a ride with him through his fresh, genre-bending take on bass music.

Drawing heavy influence from hip hop and West Coast bass music, the budding young producer recently released his debut EP “Mirage” on Germany’s Saturate! Records, gaining widespread support from the electronic music community and leaving listeners craving more. The future is bright for G Jones, with several new releases planned, and plenty of new dancefloors and festivals to crush in 2013.

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HYPHA logo

Hypha /ˈhīfə/ : a thread that branches from germinated spores into a complicated, radically expanding network of fine tubes which form the structural parts of the body of a fungus; collectively known as the mycelium.

Aptly named Producer/instrumentalist Hypha has branched off from the norm to develop one of the most unique sounds fueling the west coast bass revolution. Hypha has been carefully crafting his skills and contributing to the evolution of modern sound with his specialized blend of synthesized, rhythmic bass poetry since 2008. With his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to make each note count, he’s heralding a new artistic avant-garde.

His arsenal of unofficially released compositions displays the full spectrum, and the consistent depth of his material inviting universal appreciation. He uncompromisingly delivers danceability, while bringing a wealth of dimension to cerebrally swim in. Each track offers an exemplification of his greatest asset – his limitless range. A refusal to conform or succumb to boundaries allows him to build from his inspirations and provide a unique fusing of the past with the future elevating his audio art to the highest levels._MG_6577

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