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  • LowRIDERz – Knight Riders – Hypha

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    LOCATION: Arcata Theatre Lounge
    DATE: Saturday, 02/01/2014
    TIME: 9:30 pm
    TICKETS: Limited Advanced $15

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LowRIDERz – Knight Riders – Hypha

:: Arcata Theatre Lounge ::



LowRIDERz-  as the name would suggest, tend to ride the lows pleasantly hard during their sets. Quickly carving out a slot as one of bass music’s up and coming artists, these two bass music veterans, An-Ten-Nae and Laura Low weave their own blend of deep, melodic dance floor grooves. They have perfected the art of ultra low frequencies that tends to leave the dance floor begging for more. The two have their own history as part of the summer festival culture in addition to multiple national headline dates. LowRIDERz provide a fresh approach to a classic feel – the sounds find a common meeting ground that leaves audiences with one expression in mind… “Get low!”


Knight Riderz- Canadian-born and based, Knight Riderz produces Future Booty Bass that appeals to dance floors worldwide. Playing sets of 100% original music all the time, every time is a Knight Riderz signature. What you get with every set is an original sound, unique vibe and experience that sets him apart in todays progressive EDM world.


Hypha- /ˈhīfə/ : a thread that branches from germinated spores into a complicated, radically expanding network of fine tubes which form the structural parts of the body of a fungus; collectively known as the mycelium.
Aptly named Producer/instrumentalist Hypha has branched off from the norm to develop one of the most unique sounds fueling the west coast bass revolution. Hypha has been carefully crafting his skills and contributing to the evolution of modern sound with his specialized blend of synthesized, rhythmic bass poetry since 2008. With his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to make each note count, he’s heralding a new artistic avant-garde.

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