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  • Jai Wolf w/ Elohim

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    LOCATION: Arcata Theatre Lounge
    DATE: Saturday, 12/02/2017
    TIME: 9:30 pm
    TICKETS: Limited Advanced $15

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Jai Wolf w/ Elohim

:: Arcata Theatre :


Onsale this Friday at 10am!

Jai Wolf Press Photo
Jai Wolf-
Breaking the mold before it’s even set is nothing new for indie-electronic artist Jai Wolf, better known to some as Sajeeb Saha. Born in Bangladesh, raised in New York City, inspired by everything from hip-hop to classical music to punk rock, both his life and music have been defined by an amorphous quality that only a third culture kid could understand. The fact that Jai Wolf never quite fit in used to be fuel for his daydreams, now it’s what makes him one of the most exciting electronic artists of his generation.
The story of Jai Wolf so far is more than the hits, the packed dancefloors, or co-signs by mega-stars. There’s a message within it. “It’s really easy to feel like you need to follow trends, the blueprint,” he says. “But over the past three years I’ve learned that you shouldn’t try to emulate anybody. You can take the elements you like and find a way to speak them through your own voice. That’s the only way you’ll ever truly express yourself honestly.” It’s a lesson for artists and fans alike, and a hint of what’s to come for Jai Wolf. With his first ever LP impending in 2018, it seems that this story— one that spans the globe and genres alike — is just beginning…
“I know that there are people out there who are feeling what I’m feeling,” says Jai Wolf. “I would love for them to find a way to connect with that through my music.”

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