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    LOCATION: Arcata Theatre Lounge
    DATE: Wednesday, 02/26/2014
    TIME: 9:30 pm
    TICKETS: $15 Limited Advanced :: $20

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DJ Rashad – Sinjin Hawke – Natasha Kmeto

:: Arcata Theatre ::


DJ Rashad – I Don’t Give a Fuck from Ashes57 on Vimeo.

DJ Rashad- Chicago kingpin, DJ Rashad, has been a quintessential figurehead in the evolution from Ghetto House to Footwork and its predecessor Juke. Consistently progressing the style, Rashad has been a bastion of the sound. His contributions have acted as blueprints and remain indispensable. His open production approach has helped him craft a unique brand of Footwork that is deeply rooted in Chicago’s history of House as well as Soul, Funk, Jazz and Hip­Hop, simultaneously pushing the boundaries of House music into entirely new regions.

Rashad was born in Chicago, moving to the deep south suburb of Callumet City soon after. By the time he entered high school, he was a veteran dancer on the south side, cutting his teeth with the some of the most respected dance groups including House­O­Matics, The Phyrm, and Wolf Pac. Rashad promptly graduated to DJing and producing, making a plethora of high­octane Ghettohouse mixtapes.

Footworkers hit their moves, or werkz, and partied at Club Cavallini’s and local skating rinks such as Markham Rink, the Rink on 87th St & Dolton Expo, where Rashad was a favourite and regular DJ. He could always be seen dancing and balling­up opponents between his blends. Meeting his longtime ally, DJ Spinn, during homeroom class at Thornwood High School in 1996, they quickly began producing tracks at each others’ houses using any sampler or drum machine they could obtain . During this era, they DJ’d parties with the likes of RP Boo, DJ Clent, Gant­Man, Poncho and various essential Dance Mania DJs including DJ Deeon, Jammin Gerald, DJ Funk & DJ PJ. Their first release to make it to wax was in 1998 on Dance Mania ­ “DJ Rashad: Child Abuse/DJ Spinn: Motherfucker” [DM255] (mislabeled as DJ Thadz).

Repping Beatdown House alongside DJ Spinn, a clique founded by DJ Clent, the group dissolved over differences some years later. Rashad and Spinn remained close counterparts, crafting the sound that is heard today along with contemporaries such as RP Boo and Traxman. Soon after leaving Beatdown, Rashad and Spinn founded theGhettoteknitianz. At present, the clique is the largest in the city, well­over a dozen strong producer wise, allied with dancers all over the cities south and west sides; such as Red Legends, The Foundation, Terra Squad, Wolf Pac, Taliban, Nu Era, Leaders of the New School and many more.Rashad remains an archetypal figure, pioneering the sound that Footworkers dance to today. While tracks such as “Girl Bust Down”, “Blowed Like The Wind” and “4 The Ghetto” established him as a local legend, his influence can be heard the world over from the young track makers of Chicago to internationally acclaimed acts such as Addison Groove, Africa Hitech, Nguzunguzu as well as a magnitude of others.It has been over a year since the release of his last record and between the six European tours since then, he has been constantly producing, whether at Spinn’s Trakk Factory or at his home studio. With the exception of the album’s closing track, the album is a carefully crafted selection from the vast amount of material produced by Rashad in the last year. Always pushing his sound forward into the unknown, “TEKLIFE Vol. 1: Welcome to the Chi” is an invaluable insight into the present sound of DJ Rashad and the future sound of Footwork. It will be released on Lit City Trax, an imprint co­founded by DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & J­Cush. Recently, Rashad has been signed to Hyperdub – His EP dropped  July 2013 and has and still receives critical acclaim.teklife-1760

Sinjin Hawke- Before this Barcelona-residing Montrealist stretched out on his own with 2011′s The Lights EP on Pelican Fly, he’d already made a name for himself as a tireless activist and facilitator of forward-looking celebrations. His hometown throwdown ‘Boomclap’, linked the great and good in low frequencies across the globe, and this year’s mixes for Rinse FM and URB have won him fans from aspiring DJs, festival headliners, and soulful ravers alike. His productions demonstrate an innate grasp of sensual alien jams, combining all the familiar elements of footwork, R&B, and instrumental rap: in short, he speaks in tongues we can all understand. Whether he’s operating on his own or teaming up with DJ Sliink or Night Slugs’ wonder-kid Morri$, Sinjin Hawke has the golden touch that brings technicolor to the most monochrome of clubs, creating the kind of atmosphere that brings all us a bit closer together – in a sleep-over kind of way. sinjin press5

Natasha Kmeto- is a Portland-based singer and electronic producer who turns heads everywhere she goes. Armed with a taut dance floor sensibility and flutteringly sensuous voice, she exudes the kind of beauty that can only come from confidence. Her tracks are sleek and energetic affairs, straddling the line between dance, pop, and RnB, percussively intriguing compositions that slide easily into the ear but aren’t so easily forgotten. Her beauty, energy, and talent coalesce into a truly visceral live show, moving both to the partygoer and the thinking person alike. Wherever her music goes, heavy breathing will follow.

Born into a musical family in California, Natasha began to develop her talents as an artist from a young age. It wasn’t until almost two decades later, on the verge of becoming a career session musician, that she grabbed the wheel and broke out in a direction that truly inspired her. Her arrival in Portland marked a big step towards new things. The past several years as seen her growth quicken, especially after signing with hometown label Dropping Gems. The string of releases that have followed showcase Natasha in her most self-realized form, in matters of love, independence, and outlook on life.

Natasha has a long list of notable live performances under her belt, including gigs at Coachella, Bumbershoot, MusicFestNW, Symbiosis, SXSW, Low End Theory (LA and SF) and Decibel Festival. She has shared the stage with a number of talented artists as well, including Squarepusher, Emancipator, Kid Cudi, Plaid, Gold Panda, Dam Funk, Shlohmo, Shigeto, and Morcheeba, just to name a few. Her radio experience includes live performances on Boiler Room and KEXP, and her tracks have been played by numerous noteworthy DJs including Mary Anne Hobbes. She is due to release her LP ‘Crisis’ June 18th on Dropping Gems. natasha_kmeto_patti_miller_6_high

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