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  • DIMOND SAINTS : Deejay Theory : Wu Wei

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    LOCATION: Arcata Theatre Lounge
    DATE: Thursday, 04/16/2015
    TIME: 9:30 pm
    TICKETS: Limited Online : $15

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DIMOND SAINTS : Deejay Theory : Wu Wei

World Famous is pleased to welcome Dimond Saints to the Arcata Theatre for their first Arcata appearance!

dimond saints logo black



Deep in the heart of the Dimond District in the land of oaks, out of the ashes and the bleakness comes a new sound tearing and bursting the bubble of mediocrity. The music drips of passion, boldness, and the unknown. We are the Dimond Saints.
Dimond Saints is the project of An-Ten-Nae & ReLeece whose intricate music defies categorization and is deeply rooted in electronic music, yet manages to maintain a organic presence.

dimond saints press 2







Considered one of the leading ambassadors of the “Tropical Bass” sound that’s shaking up the world, San Francisco-based Deejay Theory is steadily carving a lane somewhere between the beach and the rave. Heavily influenced by Jamaican dancehall, hip hop and electronic music from all corners (think “Caribbean Club”) Theory is continuing his rise in 2015 with an infectious combination of heat uniting sounds from the US, UK, The Tropics and beyond. His original production and trademark remixes carry an undeniable sound and energy from the moment you press play, earning support and co-signs from your favorite artists, blogs, radio stations and a worldwide network of followers.


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