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  • 5 Dollar Holler :: Onhell+Hypha : Jsun+Middle Agent : Treemeista+SuDs

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    LOCATION: Arcata Theatre Lounge
    DATE: Friday, 02/27/2015
    TIME: 9:30 pm

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5 Dollar Holler :: Onhell+Hypha : Jsun+Middle Agent : Treemeista+SuDs

Arcata Theatre Lounge and World Famous Productions are pleased to present
5 Dollar Holler
Friday February 27 at ATL
With special back to back tag team sets by some of your favorite local artists-




Void Sound provided by BASSCRAFT

Visuals by Johnny Dumps!

If that doesn’t get you all excited, it’s only five bucks all night long!


- Angel Rubio-Hale AKA ONHELL is a 22 year old producer and promoter, influencing, playing and raging the West Coast party scene. Equipped with vintage synthesizers, cutting edge production tools and a drive for experimentation, he has perfected a signature multi-dimensional sound that can not be contained within any one genre. Like a sonic kaleidoscope, his songs infuse elements of future down-tempo, R&B, modern hip hop, and spacey psychedelic ambience. ONHELL’s sets of music run deep with hard hitting tonality, maintain a flowing diversity, and are known to contagiously move crowds on the dance floor. Expect his third EP to drop in the spring of 2015


-Hypha /ˈhīfə/ : a thread that branches from germinated spores into a complicated, radically expanding network of fine tubes which form the structural parts of the body of a fungus; collectively known as the mycelium.
Aptly named Producer/instrumentalist Hypha has branched off from the norm to develop one of the most unique sounds fueling the west coast bass revolution. Hypha has been carefully crafting his skills and contributing to the evolution of modern sound with his specialized blend of synthesized, rhythmic bass poetry since 2008. With his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to make each note count, he’s heralding a new artistic avant-garde.
His arsenal of officially and unofficially released compositions displays the full spectrum, and the consistent depth of his material inviting universal appreciation. He
uncompromisingly delivers danceability, while bringing a wealth of dimension to cerebrally swim in. Each track offers an exemplification of his greatest asset- his limitless range. A refusal to conform or succumb to boundaries allows him to build from his inspirations and provide a unique fusing of the past with the future elevating his audio art to the highest levels.


-Jsun Paul (Also known as DJ Jsun, or simply Jsun) has been tantalizing dance floors in California and elsewhere for over 15 years. The deep and techy, sultry and seductive, melodic bass with a touch of grime he plays has earned him slots at some of the finest club events and festivals on the west coast like Desert Hearts, Lightening in a Bottle, Northern Nights and more. Jsun Paul’s musical expressions caught the ears of the Los Angeles based Wulfpack Crew, who in the summer of 2013 made him a part of the pack. His ability to play all types of music has provided him with the essentials necessary to hold multiple residencies in Northern California, the longest of which has been going on for over a decade. In 1999, Jsun Paul co-founded Deep Groove Society, a group of like minded musicians, producers, artists, dancers, and promoters, who stepped up to create a production company that provided the tools necessary for people to release their energy and move to the sounds of the underground music culture.
For the last 10 years Jsun Paul has been a resident and promoter of Northern California’s longest running weekly; SUNDAZE, located in Arcata California. From deep house to banging techno, tech house to breakbeats, Jsun Paul is sure to make you move and groove, and reinvigorate your soul.


- I Love To Make, Listen, and Experience Music Regularly.


-Emerging from the redwood forests of Humboldt, Treemeista prides every sound system with heady vibes and renegade rhythms. His raw, stylistic mixing will hook your ears and senses cunningly into his swamp of sub-bass and heavy 808s. Honing ‘intelligent bass music’, Treemeista drops bass driven beats with his unique style that keeps the energy flowing strong through non-stop, reverbing selections and wicked bass-line combinations.
Treemeista is the owner and co-founder of the Humboldt Bass Crew, a Humboldt County based collective for bass music artists of all shapes and sizes. He is also the label manager of BASSordeath Records. Treemeista has been blessing dance-floors across the west coast since early 2010, and has appeared alongside artists such as Caspa, Downlink, Liquid Stranger, ill.Gates, Butch Clancy, Protohype, Dieselboy, Minnesota, Starkey, G Jones, Phutureprimitive, Bassex, Psymbionic, Shlump, and many, many more! He also just finished his second tour as direct support for bay-area bass music producer Trevor Kelly.


-SuDs is a Humboldt County rooted producer and DJ who does this for the passion the music brings. SuDs often refers to himself as his duo No-Requests(SuDs and Keese). In april 2015 SuDs will be releasing his first EP with Mal Label titled Entropy. His First live performance came as No-Requests at the Black and White NYE party at the Bayside Grange for 2013 into 2014 and since then he has been performing all over Humboldt. SuDs has played at many venues Humboldt such as Arcata Theatre Lounge and the Jambalaya. He has also played at two festivals: Lucidity Festival, and Firefall.



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